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My name is Cassidy Chapman. I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis during my first year of law school, the day before my 23rd birthday, in early 2004. There were only four DMTs on the market when I was diagnosed, so I was put on the strongest one, Rebif, and always remained on the strongest, most effective DMT for the next 15 years. My MS disabled me in 2015 from practicing law and I ultimately failed a total of five DMTs before I received HSCT at Northwestern Medicine in July of 2019 with Dr. Richard K. Burt. I spent the next two years of recovery devoted to doing everything suggested by doctors and what I could think of so that I could regain as much function as possible. Not only has HSCT stopped my MS, but I have recovered beyond all expectations. I continue to work every day toward my goal of no longer being disabled. After suffering through miserable side effects from DMTs that did not work, I know that HSCT should be a first line treatment for MS and other autoimmune diseases because of its high efficacy rate.